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Elite Core Fitness

A Lifestyle With No Finish Line.


CrossFit ECF, WNY was established in 2012, located at 6500 Dewey Ave. WNY, NJ. We are not just a gym. We are a community of fitness and health-focused individuals from all walks of life that share a common passion for excellence and good health.  We are helping people live longer healthier happier lives while broadening and strengthening the community in which they reside. CrossFit ECF targets an extremely broad demographic spanning from young children and teens to rehabilitation clients and elite athletes. 

CrossFit Elite Core Fitness - West New York, NJ 

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​The message is simple.  You come to the gym to work out.  While you’re here, work like hell.  We will help our athletes transcend what they previously believed to be their limitations.  They will move faster, lift heavier, run farther and look better than they ever thought possible. 

This inspires a confidence that will expose itself in daily life, whether in the office or at home with the family. Simply put, we believe in hard, hard work. In and outside of the gym.

Work Like Hell

Watch Film

Self-reflection is a critical part of achieving success across all facets of life.  Work, sports, relationships, general conversations, etc.  It is impossible to achieve continuous improvement without understanding and diagnosing performance, and therefore this is a core element to the CrossFit ECF ethos.  By understanding what weaknesses we have and what opportunities for improvement exist, we can develop a plan to address those head on.  The focus on watching “film,” builds discipline that resonates not only inside the gym, but throughout our daily lives spanning from our most sincere relationships to the pursuit of career advancement.


Everyone has motivation for anything they do in life.  We have hobbies because they are fun and we enjoy them.  We have jobs because we need to provide for our family.  We give to charity because we believe it is the right thing to do and provides some level of satisfaction.  At CrossFit ECF We believe each athlete that trains with us has a distinct reason that motivates them to keep in good health.  We believe that by exploiting that motivation, we can help them achieve their fitness and health goals and more importantly, broaden that success in all other aspects of their life. 

What's Your Why


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6500 Dewey Ave, West New York, NJ 07093

Call US: (201) 854-8585

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