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Elite Core Fitness

A Lifestyle With No Finish Line.

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What Is Your Biggest Roadblock Right Now? 

Has it been difficult to lose weight and gain the momentum you need to keep pushing forward? 

Are you looking to get stronger but haven't found the right program to get the results you're looking for? 

Have you been in great shape before and now you're looking to become the type of athlete you were in the past?

Do you feel unhealthy? Are you looking for both fitness and nutrition accountability with a community of people reaching similar goals?

Take the first step today and come talk to us

Crossfit Ropes

Being fit is a lifestyle and a state of mind. Our program is designed to support your real-world work. The outcome is extremely rewarding. What’s the secret? Simple, just hard work.

We believe in helping you step out and away from your comfort zone to give you results you have never seen before. While going through our program, you will develop not only physical strength but mental toughness.

CrossFit Elite Core Fitness

Hear From One of Our Members

Alex Testimonial

Alex Testimonial

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Challenge Your Nutrition

Nutrition Challenge Progress

Become aware of your eating habits, to fine-tune your senses and make better choices. Learn burn fat and build muscle like an athlete.

Learn to cook more often, to reduce the amount of processed food you consume and live the fitness and health lifestyle.

Learn to eat toward your strength goals and maintain the physique you worked really hard for. 

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Crossfit elite core fitness 12 week nutr

Lifestyle Progress - 1 Year

Build a fast metabolism by losing body fat, gaining lean mass. 

Become a better athlete. Increase Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Speed, Stamina and Balance. 

Increase motivation to reach goals and inspire others. Feel confident about your progress, strength and skills! 

6 Month Progress

Look and feel  great from the inside out by building healthy habits that last long term!  

Lead by example and break the stereotype! Girls can lift heavy and look amazing.  

Live healthier, happier lives, full of joy and purpose. Build physical and mental confidence. 


Why Our Program Works

Crossfit ecf west ny NJ daily WOD Classe

The community aspect of CrossFit has huge appeal because you're all doing the same WODs together and it creates an atmosphere of friendly competition. People hold each other accountable and cheer each other on, unlike in a regular gym where everyone does their own solitary thing.

We Rally Around Each Other

We'll Help You Level Up

Each member of the ECF community works out for many different reasons, but all of them are about taking things to another level. Whether it is to decompress and change the course of our day, to lose some weight and get more fit, or to become better athletes than yesterday by controlling our mental game, they are all great reasons. Whether it’s signing up for a throwdown, adding 5 pounds to the bar or throwing our legs over our head for a handstand walk, or like Sarita, climbing a rope for the first time, there’s only so much that we can achieve by ourselves when we are afraid. 

Crossfit ecf member climbing a rope for
Crossfit ecf group warmup before class.j

CrossFit isn't just a workout. It's about resilience, strength and courage. Courage to show up, to go as hard as you can even though you know you'll be exhausted and to finish no matter what it takes. You get through the workout, you do your reps, you watch the clock, you chug your water and you get through it no matter what. You are tougher than you think you are!

Unlock Your Mental Toughness


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6500 Dewey Ave, West New York, NJ 07093

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