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Coach Johnny

CrossFit L2 Trainer, USAW L2

What do you love about CrossFit and Fitness?

My love for sport and competition is what brought me to this amazing sport, as an ex-athlete in track & Field the competitive nature was a void that I had not experienced after school and after many years in the workforce. CrossFit not only introduces Fitness,  it introduces a community of everyday people that want to become better.  No matter their experience level or background, each person sets short and long term goals that are meaningful to their life goals.


What do you love about being and ECF Coach?

I love to see our members walk into the box knowing that they are here for real fitness, they are not afraid to tackle our daily programming that is known to be the toughest around.


What makes your coaching style unique?

My coaching is unique in that I don’t believe anyone should set limitations to what they can and can’t do.  My style is that we may not be able to do it right now….but with enough time and dedication any and I mean anyone can achieve anything.

With over 12 years in CrossFit, along with 8 in OCR racing and a lifetime in sports and Fitness I bring a level of coaching that focuses on individual development with a group setting.  I know first hand every one of my athletes weaknesses and strengths and focus on increasing and developing them.


Words of encouragement for new members?

Real fitness is not an overnight change, it will take time, dedication, and hard work.  If you can trust us, we will  help you achieve your wildest dreams!!

Coach Beast

CrossFit L2 Trainer / USAW L1

Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2003, fitness has always been a big part of keeping it controlled and staying healthy for Julian.

After years of lifting weights in commercial gyms and training hard on his own, Julian found CrossFit in 2012.  He was drawn to the community of the sport when introduced to it through a friend.  

After about a year, he decided to make CrossFit his full time job by becoming a coach and getting his L1 certification.  Julian also has a Strongman Certification, has attended a Diane Fu Weightlifting Seminar, and most recently received his Level 2 CrossFit Certification in the fall of 2016.  

Experience & knowledge of the sport has helped Julian learn the best techniques and coaching strategies while working with clients everyday.  His passion and patience is shown during his classes.  

Julian likes to use many different tools & tricks to keep training interesting and fun.  “Hard work over talent” is something that Julian has always lived by.  

He is constantly learning new knowledge about Crossfit which is something that helps Julian be the best coach he can be.  

His #1 goal (with himself and others) is to always leave the gym feeling better than when you came in.  Julian has a “never one size fits all” approach to fitness by helping each individual person specific to their fitness needs.

Coach Jess

CrossFit L2 Trainer / USAW  L1

What do you love about CrossFit and Fitness?

I’ve been an athlete most of my life and was always involved in sports. When I was introduced to CrossFit, I fell in love with the feeling of being my strongest. This is the type of sport that pushes you beyond your own expectations and compliments any other sport outside of CrossFit. I carried the mindset of the sport and explored into sport of bodybuilding where I became an amature competitor I believe in trying and doing well in different areas of fitness and living the lifestyle of fitness. Fitness allows you to always be ready and prepared for anything that comes your way.

What do you love about being an Elite Core Fitness Coach?

The philosophy of Elite Core Fitness is a no excuse mindset. We believe in surpassing work loads, capacity, mind over matter and everything in between. The programming is tough and that’s what I love most about it. Although the program is scalable and easy to modify for any beginner, we make is hard because  life is tough, so fitness at ECF has to be tougher. I get the privilege to see athletes become the best version of themselves. I get to witness athletes overcome their weakness and turn it into strengths. I enjoy progressing our athletes in their discipline in and outside of the box. I love bringing energy into the room and seeing the community grow when athletes push one another to complete a workout. One of my favorite things to hear is “I didn’t think I could ever…” and watching someone’s mindset completely transform.

What makes your coaching style unique?

I have been a personal trainer for the past 6 years aside from being a CrossFit Coach. The two things have allowed me to really dial in my athletes and help them fine tune their goals. I believe many people not only are unsure on how to start a fitness journey but they don’t know how to choose their own goals. I’ve been successful at creating game plans for my athletes that work and keeps them on course, laser focused and always moving forward. I also hold a fitness nutrition certification which has had some of my athletes look their best. Nutrition is 80% of the work when it comes to physique and plays a huge role in performance. I have put myself personally through a very difficult transformation that has allowed me to learn the process of transformation both mentally and and physically. I’ve had had great success with many clients in the past year alone who were seeking true change. I absolutely enjoy seeing the overall transformation in a personal and watching it transition into their performance.

Words of encouragement for new members?

Have a game plan and trust it with all your effort. Some people go into their fitness journey blind and that’s ok. The best thing to do is if you’re unsure is to ask a coach and put a game plan together. The plan should have all of your goals on it and routes to get there. Once you have that plan in your hand, follow it, be consistent with it and most of all, be patient with it. Fitness is not an overnight thing. It takes daily effort and discipline. The only way to grow those two things is to use them. Show up to the box, have fun and enjoy the journey and the rest will follow!

Jessie Rivera

Content Creator

The coaches transform members, I capture their hard work.

When members get excited to watch what all of ECF is doing through videos or pictures, I know it was worth their 1000 burpees!


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