Address: 6500 Dewey Ave, West New York, NJ 07093
Phone: (201) 854-8585

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Our Commitment

We are fully committed to supporting and equipping our members to live out fuller and healthier lives. We promise to provide a positive fitness experience that will keep our members motivated.

Ready for Fundamentals?

CrossFit ECF requires that any individual interested in our unlimited-monthly group classes first complete our CrossFit 101 course. The course delivers a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program.

When signing up for the CrossFit 101 course, you sign up for a full month at ECF. As an introductory member, you should expect:

  1. Six sessions covering the CrossFit principles over the first two weeks.

  2. To practice what you have learned in our group classes for your last 2nd two weeks.

  3. You get to participate in the Thursday Mobility class and Saturday's team WOD and Yoga classes.

March Athlete Of The Month

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What Is CrossFit?

Routine is the enemy!

Elite fitness is not bodybuilding or conventional weight lifting. Machines and performing single muscle exercises are not practical or functional in life or sport. Elite fitness is not sport specific and it most certainly is not long distance cardio efforts. It doesn’t separate muscle strength and conditioning from cardio. Elite fitness is having competence in all of the body’s general physical skills as well as aerobic and anaerobic systems (metabolic engines). Competence in one at the exclusion or deficit of the other is not elite fitness.