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February's Athlete Of The Month

February 12, 2018


Athlete of the Month Javier Aquino


We are excited to announce Javier Aquino as our athlete of the month! Javier has made an incredible transformation since he has started his fitness journey. Some people believe that CrossFitters join a box already in shape, already knowledgeable about lifts and movements and have a great mobility or high PRs… That’s not the case most of the time or the reason we choose someone as athlete of the month. We love to highlight those who love to overcome what they do struggle with, who workreally hard and who provide a positive energy to the box encouraging others to keep working hard and not look back.


Since Javier started, he has clearly lost a ton of weight. His heaviest was 80 pounds ago! On his own, he managed to get 20-30 pounds off and once he truly began his lifestyle of fitness and coming to the box, he locked himself into his goals and has completely reached another level. He has tons of support from his fiancé, Kristen, who is another one of our amazing athletes and together have committed to doing the things that keep them looking up for the long haul; Showing up, meal prepping, accessory work and much more.



Javi started off with Paleo and made a lot of progress and has crossed over to Keto dieting. Dieting in general is not the easiest thing to do. It involves TONS of discipline, structure and mental toughness. Javi has all of those things and leads by example every single day with demonstrating that following a plan and sticking to it can take you 

very far. His movements have gotten solid, his lifts have gotten heavier and his overall conditioning proves how proper nutrition, consistency, time and patience is the secret sauce to success.


In addition to showing up to do the ECF WODs most days a week in the morning , he comes to gymnastics class on Thursday evenings with Coach Tarabay and has been strength training with Coach Johnny. Javi is always looking for ways to be faster, better and stronger. His goals are to constantly improve, be healthy, feel good and continue the lifestyle of fitness.


Javi, we want you to know that we see you truly working hard and are very proud of you. You are a great member at our box and a great example to everyone. Keep working, keep grinding, keep crushing your goals. We are behind you every step of the way! We look forward to continue to be a part of your journey and wish for your 2018 year to be the fittest it’s ever been!


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