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January's Athlete Of The Month

January 10, 2018


Hey ECF!


We are starting “Athlete of the Month” Club again! To be an athlete of the months consists of a few things. We love all of our members and encourage you all to be the best you can be at all times, but we would like to take Athlete of The Month Club as an opportunity to highlight a members progress, journey and characteristics that make them a huge asset to the box.


For January, we are happy to announce Amanda Garcia as our Athlete Of The Month. Amanda has come a long way since she has started her journey here with us at Elite Core Fitness in August 2017. Although we believe in all the work she’s done so far, what’s most important is how much she believes in herself.


Here are some of the things ECF would like to highlight from this incredible athlete.

Since she started, she has lost 36 pounds and trains 5-6 times a week. She brings positive energy to the box and contributes in the encouragement we all need in the middle of a workout.

She pushes her mother Tania, who is also a member here, to keep pushing past everything that slows her down. Amanda is incredibly strong and always seeking ways to better her lifts by doing all of her accessory work and asking for coach’s guidance. She treats her fellow members with love and respect as well as her coaches and always makes us laugh.

Amanda, along with many other of our members, completed the 5 grueling long WODs on New Years Eve with a smile on her face. She loves the confidence she has gained from being here overall. She loves to help others achieve the same kind of confidence. Amanda is the kind of athlete that looks at a challenge and goes for it without questioning it. She likes to consider herself a good example for someone who is new to the sport of CrossFit or has never done this style of training before since she is still a beginner. Please check out her video and all the awesome things she has to share! 


Thank you Amanda for being a part of our ECF community and family. Your hard work, dedication and positive attitude doesn't go unnoticed. We love your passion and energy and we can’t wait to see you progress even further in the next 6 months. Keep up all of your hard work, it is definitely paying off!  


To all of our ECF members, if you think you got what it takes to be an Athlete Of The Month for February, let us know why. We would love to hear more from you. Come talk to one of the coaches at the box, send us a message on Facebook or on Instagram. We want to set you up as the example for all future athletes!


Elite Core Fitness



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