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Elite Core Fitness Services

At CrossFit ECF, you get a lot more than you would in any conventional gym. Beyond the classes, we offer a range of services to help you meet your goals and reach your optimized fitness level.  Read about all of our services offerings below or click here to jump to our prices and terms.

Utilizing the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our programming combines strength training with metcons (a.k.a. metabolic conditioning, or the “classic” Crossfit cardio workout). Our CrossFit classes run an hour in length, and on any given day, you could be working on skills like pull-ups, a back squat, or rowing on the erg mixed with some burpees. What’s really great is that within these workouts, movements can be scaled down (or up!) for any level of fitness at any age, so they’re challenging every time. And, because you never know what to expect with CrossFit, it promises an engaging, exciting experience every time you walk through the door—which is why we all love it! We offer classes as late as 9PM - We are the only CrossFit affiliate in the area to offer the 9PM class in order to give anyone a chance to still make it! On top of our class schedule, we offer a range of services to help you meet your goals of optimized fitness. 

Group Classes

Motivation, Encouragement, Competition.  This is the heart of your CrossFit training. Our philosophy is 3 on, 1 off. Most of our athletes train Monday-Wednesday, take an active rest day on Thursday and resume from Friday to Saturday and use Sunday for endurance training or any of our other specialty classes.

Private Coaching

We fit our schedule to meet your needs. If you need to work around a specific injury or want to advance your fitness to the next level, private coaching sessions will give you the extra attention you want. If group classes isn’t the experience you are looking for, one of the coaches on our team will take you through your CrossFit training privately, programming to meet all of your specific needs.

  • $40/30 Minute Sessions

  • $70/ 1 Hour Sessions

  • $600/ 10 Session-1 Hour Pack

  • $350/10 Session - 30 Min Pack

CrossFit Kids

These classes are geared for the 8 to 16 age group. The class focuses on speed, agility, coordination and a baseline in strength and power. The class overall creates the foundation of fitness to keep your kids healthy and fit learning everyday functional skills they will need throughout their lives and as they transition into other sports.

Free Class

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before, don’t worry about it. The first class is on US! Every Saturday at 9AM (8:45 arrival time) we have team workouts for beginners and the movements are salable and easy to modify for any level of fitness or injury. We will show you around our facility and go over the movements before the class until you are comfortable to try the workout. 

We have an additional free class on Monday at 8:45 PM for anyone who hasn't tried CrossFit before and can't make it on a Saturday. 

Beginners Olympic Weightlifting

Beginners Olympic Weightlifting is for anyone (not just beginners) who are having trouble getting through the basics and fundamentals of weightlifting. We break down the snatch, clean and jerk from beginning to end at a fundamental level. We also focus a lot on position. This class will get you moving better during the strength and skill portion of the every day CrossFit classes as well as the WOD. 

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting

This class provides athletes the opportunity to continue to develop their Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. With guidance from coach Nicole Sep, athletes will learn and utilize technique drills and progressions for improving and executing the Olympic lifts. 

The class is designed to focus on building strength, power and efficiency in technique in order to help you progress and master these complex movements.. Every Saturday at 8:00 AM. Show us how dedicated you are!

Strong Man Sundays

This class is about true functional strength. Incorporating strongman into your training routine will, without a doubt, add solid gains in not only muscle, but also endurance, power, static strength, and that all-important X factor, mental toughness. The programming in this class focuses on one thing - strength. 

To be strong, you have to lift some real heavy weight. You will be moving heavy objects from point A to point B like farmer carries or heavy sled pushes. You will use primal movement patterns  - pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting, and walking and working with objects you typically don’t use in your everyday WOD like the big truck tire! Enjoy Yourself - It’s hard. It’s heavy. It often involves sweat and tears. But when all is said and done, it is fun. Surprise Yourself - You can carry more weight than you have probably ever had on your back before. You can carry more weight on farmer’s walks than you have probably ever picked up off the ground before. Break down those mental barriers - your body can lift more than you think. 

OCR Training - Obstacle Course Racing

From Spartan Race to Tough Mudder, this class is designed around the skills and training required to get you through  any obstacle course race. Are you ready?


This is a full two hour class every Sunday from 6:45AM to 10AM from November to April -  challenging your work capacity, strength, stamina, endurance and attitude. Whether you are training for a race just for the fun or to place at the top, this class will take you there. Our racers love to compete each season and we will be scheduling a few local races to do as a team this coming season.

This is the only class not included in the unlimited membership. 

ECF Cycling Club

The ECF Cycling club runs from May to October. When weather permits, this class starts as the sun rises! The group of cyclists meet at ECF and ride together toward 9W and then take the route at different mileage depending on the day. Sometimes they park at the market and have a team breakfast before riding back. Want more details about this class? Call, email or stop by at the box and ask us! We are looking for more riders to join the team. 


At CrossFit ECF we believe that a commitment to exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your fitness goals. Establishing a clean eating program is fundamental to achieving real results. If one of your goals is to change your body composition, only exercise will not be enough. At ECF we don’t prescribe fad diets, instead we recommend eating a balanced diet that will help your body run at its optimal level. After your 6th fundamentals class, you are required a final class - your nutrition class on Thursday at 8PM with Coach Jess to help you change the way you think about how food affects your life. By taking a holistic approach to all things nutrition—sleep, recovery, mobility, mentality, emotions, stress, workouts and the effects these have on your well-being, we seek to fundamentally alter your perception of what “good” feels like to live.How you think about, plan for and perform with food will be analyzed by you and the coach. While body composition changes are a wonderful side effect, at ECF we are looking for more than that. Through the program, we aim to change your relationship to food and make you more aware of what you eat. 

Mobility Assessment

If you’re new to CrossFit, lifting and movement in general, you’ll discover some flaws in your mobility. 
During fundamentals, a coach will provide a complete assessment to ensure correct form is achieved 
through your movements. Assessing your mobility will help us keep you safe and healthy during your lifts and be less prone to injury during your CrossFit experience. Taking your mobility as serious as your fitness will allow you to maximize your performance and be an overall stronger athlete.  


Massages are an important component to CrossFit and fitness recovery. It can help you reduce soreness and risk of injury while increasing mobility so you can perform better. Massage is used to speed recovery following heavy single workouts, competitions, or during high-intensity cycles. Massage also plays a part in the prevention of injury, especially those that might arise due to overuse and overload. Schedule your next massage directly at ECF. Lily does Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology.  


5 Benefits of massage for weightlifters: Flexibility, Circulation, Pain Reduction, Sleep Improvement and Decreased Tension.  

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